Office Coffee: The magical solution

The background: Monday morning and you are at work. If you are a high school teacher, like me, that means your mornings begin with a 7:00 AM Trigonometry class. After two or more classes is almost 10:00 AM and you start feeling hungry, tired or even anxious. The best solution: Office Coffee.

The Problem Fixer

I think it was an ancient philosopher that said: “Coffee fixes everything” or was it “Time fixes everything”? I am not pretty sure but I believe on the first one. I am a coffee lover, so you must not take my opinion as a true fact – since I am biased due to my coffee addiction. The only thing I know for sure is that coffee TASTES really good. I usually start my morning with a trip to a coffee shop. But, if we want to get more accurate information, we should look at the facts:

  • Drinking coffee is actually very healthy because it has a lot of antioxidants.
  • Since it contains caffeine, a substance that helps you improve your energy levels.
  • It has been proven that it helps lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Coffee at the Office

At 10:00 AM is my official half hour break and it is just perfect to go grab a cup of coffee and why not have a few minutes of conversation with other teachers or mates. I must admit that the office coffee is not always the BEST coffee you can have. At most offices the coffee they serve, and please don’t get me wrong, is just hot black coffee. If you are not lucky enough and you are the last one to get to the coffee machine it is possible that there is no more coffee -which might seem like the end of the world- or maybe it has been there a lot and it tastes like “burned”.

If you have been there, sitting in front of the last cup of hot black burned coffee don’t be sad. Not everything is lost. You have coffee which is by itself a very good news and you can always improve it by adding your special touch: sugar, cream or milk.

After reading all the benefits we can get just by having one cup of brewed coffee you might start thinking:: “Is it possible to have more than one?” And let me tell you the best news of all: Yes, it is possible. Enjoy a good cup of coffee, chat with some friends and get back to work.

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